Available exclusively in Victoria, LYSAGHT CUSTOMFLOW combines LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® corrugated cladding with the unique FormFlow® C90 corner cladding to deliver a refined finish to corrugated clad buildings.

What is CUSTOMFLOW solution, CUSTOM ORB® and FORMFLOW® C90 corners?

CUSTOMFLOW combines CUSTOM ORB® corrugated cladding with unique FORMFLOW® C90 corners to deliver a refined finish to corrugated clad buildings. With a bend geometry perfectly matched to CUSTOM ORB®, FORMFLOW® C90 corners provide a structurally independent, no-gaps solution to the challenges of joining corrugated sheets at building corners, mansards, sills, and other junctions. In addition to delivering an elegant finished look, FORMFLOW® C90 corners may also deliver energy efficiency, maintenance, safety, and installation benefits, and can potentially improve a building’s resistance to environmental & situational factors, including weather events.

What are FORMFLOW® C90 Corners?

FORMFLOW® C90 corners are a game changer for the construction industry. It has architects & building designers rethinking design and reimaging what is possible.

FORMFLOW® C90 corners feature a 90-degree angle formed from a single corrugated sheet using a unique, patented forming technology that draws inspiration from the art of origami. FORMFLOW® C90 corners deliver a smooth transition between corrugated sheet sections at building corners and other right-angled junctions so there is no need for capping, flashing or complex corner design – just an interlocking join that is clean and distinctive. FORMFLOW® C90 corners can be formed to accomplish a breadth of design applications, including internal & external corners in left and right configurations.


The CUSTOMFLOW solution – Design Advantage – The finer details make the difference in the design of your building.

The CUSTOMFLOW™ solution combines CUSTOM ORB® corrugated sheets and FORMFLOW® C90™ corners into an integrated cladding solution. With the CUSTOMFLOW™ solution, the CUSTOM ORB® corrugated cladding and FORMFLOW® C90 corners have been engineered to lap precisely on-site, for optimal aesthetics. By utilising this unique solution in the design of your steelclad structure you will achieve the premium, quality finish that will set a home or commercial building apart.

The modern, popular detail made possible by FORMFLOW® C90 corners will set any building design taking the benefit of highly aesthetic revolution, apart from the rest.

Patented FORMFLOW® C90 corners make it straightforward to achieve a clean, neat, tight continuous corner, delivering a premium finishing touch to any corrugated clad structure from a design angle.

The unique form of the FORMFLOW® C90 corners inspires tailored functions & design solutions whilst maintaining the enduring aesthetic of corrugated steel cladding.

The FORMFLOW® C90 corners mean additional cover strips and flashing are not required at the corners – the complete corner solution!

The CUSTOMFLOW solution delivers a selection of distinctive benefits, only achievable through the combination of CUSTOM ORB® AND FORMFLOW® C90 corners.

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