Building a shed, garage or carport like any home improvement or addition raises many questions. Our team is here to assist you with any questions you have from materials, permits, construction and pricing. Not all shed retailers are the same and we prefer to answer any questions, no matter how silly they seem to ensure that you are comfortable with the your decision for choosing Outdoor Steel Solutions for your project.

Why should I choose Outdoor Steel Solutions?

Outdoor Steel Solutions is able to provide our clients with a turn key solution. This means that we can project manage your project from start to finish. From arranging permits, delivery of materials, through to concrete and construction we see your job through to completion, even the rubbish is taken away. We employ our own construction teams, so you don’t have to chase trades and be the middle man in the process.

Can you obtain the building and planning permits for me?

The mine field of obtaining permits is becoming more and more difficult with regulations changing and becoming tighter. For sheds over 10m2 a building permit is required, so the humble garden shed can become a difficult project to manage. Add in planning permits, report and consent and asset protection and it’s made things a little more complex.

We understand this and have two staff that manage our building and planning permits. Let us manage this process for you filling out forms, preparing site plans, continually following up council to ensure that your permit/s are issued as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Looking for Australian Made Piece of Mind?

In our business we pride ourselves on the quality of service that we provide. With the materials this is no different. We understand that the dream shed or garage is a long-term investment and you want to ensure that you are using tried and tested materials that are made to stand up to Australia’s harsh climate, not for 5 years but for many years into the future.

Ranbuild sheds and garages are some of the toughest on the market and are backed by up to a 36-year guarantee. All Ranbuild sheds and garages are also Shed Safe accredited. Combining this with the knowledge that the materials are made from Bluescope steel you know that the products are built to last.

Are you registered builders and licensed trades?

We are registered builders for both domestic and commercial projects. By using a registered builder you have the reassurance that you will have the correct permits in place (required when selling your property), that the correct insurances are in place, the design is correctly engineered for your site, all designed to meet Australian Standards, National Construction Code and the building regulations.

Can I arrange a site inspection with you?

Not only do we have your shed, garage, or carport engineered specifically for your site, we will also visit your site prior to completing your project costing. Our Project Sales Consultants will make an appointment to visit your site to ensure that we are aware of your site conditions, access and permit requirements. By doing this it enables us to provide you with a fixed price contract for your project, no nasty add on charges for concrete pumps, site cuts or concreting costs at the end of the job.

The more we know about you, your project and site the better understanding we have of your job to ensure that we can provide to you the best outcome.

Will I need to be an Owner Builder?

When it comes to the construction side of your new project there are a few things that you need to be aware of. One of the main ones is who will be responsible for the works carried out on your land. You can engage a registered builder to obtain permits, supervise or undertake the building work, and ensure that the works meets all of the building regs and standards or you can opt to go as an Owner Builder.

To become an owner builder there a several obligations placed on you. You will need to undertake an eLearning assessment and obtain a construction industry white card through a registered training organisation. In addition to this there are very important owner builder duties and responsibilities including complying with the building permit conditions, to OHS and insurances to name a few.

For most people the Owner Builder process can be overwhelming, time consuming, expensive and complex. That’s where we come in. We are registered builders and licensed trades and have the advantage of been able to apply and obtain for you all of the necessary permits and have the required insurances in place.

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