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Why COLORBOND® Steel made by BlueScope? When building with COLORBOND® steel a shed, garage or carport it pays to ensure that you are getting what you’ve paid for and that the materials used are going to live up to the Australian elements, tried and tested quality that will last. BlueScope have been manufacturing COLORBOND® steel since 1966 giving you peace of mind knowing that it is manufactured to Australian Standards. It also offers 5 layers of protection rather than painted on steel.  It also is compliant to be able to be used in Bush Fire Zones, simple to maintain and offers up to a 30 year warranty. Read More

BlueScope Steel Sheds

There is a multitude of challenges involved with building anything. Typically those that are investing in new property have to liaise with contractors, suppliers and local authorities in order to create the structure that they want. However, here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, we believe there is a better approach, and so in tandem with the BlueScope steel sheds that we supply, we also offer a project management service to streamline the entire process.

Every homeowner or property owner will have a specific set of criteria that apply to their project. We start the process by determining what you want to use your shed or garage for, what kind of site you have available to build on and what your budgetary means are.

We know that this will be different depending on what you’re looking for. Whether you are choosing a regular steel shed to a farm shed, or you are building in Ballarat or Kilmore. These factors make a difference and we make sure the project accounts for this.

From this point forward our exceptional customer service team will work toward achieving the goals you have in mind and making the process of creating what you have dreamed up a reality.

Why Choose BlueScope Steel Sheds Over Other Material

Depending on what you want for your property, our team here at Outdoor Steel Solutions will be able to meet those requirements, but the one thing that you will receive from our solutions as opposed to a timber alternative is a much more affordable proposition that can stretch your budget to accomplish a whole lot more. There are plenty of shapes, sizes and options available that will fit any garden, yard, or property, and these can be tailored to your specific designs.

Given the extreme climate conditions we often experience here in Victoria, it is important that the buildings you have in place are fit for purpose. Steel is naturally much more resilient in the face of fire and therefore offers a greater degree of protection to the goods that you store within its frame. Plastic and timber are pretty much useless should a fire occur, whereas the BlueScope sheds we supply here at Outdoor Steel Solutions will live up to the elements and can even be used in Bush Fire Zones.

It is no secret that steel is an incredibly durable material. Do not be fooled by how light it is; steel offers a very solid solution that proves to be hard to damage and therefore makes for a sturdy barrier that will stand up to rust, corrosion and the elements. What’s more, given that our products come with warranties of up to 30 years, this offers incredible peace of mind.

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, past clients love just how easy their steel sheds are to maintain, and whenever they decide to change the overall look of their home, their shed can be painted to fit right in. Best of all, regardless of how good it looks, the main benefit of steel is that it offers increased security and protection against thieves.

Bluescope Steel Sheds Built Better by the Best

Some brands earn their place at the top table through sheer force of marketing, while others earn their stripes from quality delivered over time. BlueScope steel sheds fit into the latter category, given that they have been part of the Australian landscape for over fifty years.

Their unique standards for quality and the delivery of exceptional steel products that have no trouble standing up to the often incredibly harsh Australian climate is renowned. Regardless of branding, they are the benchmark against which so many other steel solutions are compared.

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, we believe that the best products require the abilities of the best tradespeople, manufacturers and resellers. In Victoria, thousands of property owner have trusted us with the creation and construction of their steel structures, because we have demonstrated a standard of quality and dedication to our clients that is second to none.

Short cuts are not an option and so we endeavour to provide you with a turnkey solution that affords you a streamlined approach to realising your new building. As shed retailers and project managers, we provide a complete package that starts with what you want and ensures that every decision is made based on the budget you agreed, your needs and how best to serve the finished building.

How Bluescope Sheds are Different Than Steel Sheds

While most people associate sheds with storage, there are many other ways to think about how adding BlueScope sheds to your property could make a huge difference and achieve many more things.

Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, we have worked with customers that identified the potential a shed offered them with regards to their businesses and hobbies. Anyone creative will appreciate just how much space is needed, particularly when engaging in practical work that results in physical products. Your shed could become a studio and may even double as the perfect place to showcase your work. Best of all, it is removed from the primary residence and, therefore, enables you to immerse yourself in the work.

DIY enthusiasts often lament their inability to achieve very much while at home, since one of the products of their efforts is waste that pollutes the home, in one way or another. Anyone that works with metals or wood or glass, will understand how important it is to have a space in which to exclusively carry out work. Dust, filings and glass particles are dangerous in any home, so creating your own space gives you control over the debris, and it allows you to comfortably carry out your work.

There are so many people engaging in fitness efforts that those who are particularly committed to the cause often install a shed on their property to realise their own training facility. This doesn’t have to be huge or filled with every piece of fitness equipment, but having the space available allows you to create your very own gym and save a few bucks on those membership costs.

A No Obligation Chat to Discuss What You Want

Regardless of whether you intend to use BlueScope steel to bring your dream entertainment room to life, or if you hope to create the ultimate chill-out zone, or prefer to keep things traditional and create a shed that you can store all of your tools, rest assured that the team here at Outdoor Steel Solutions are ideally placed to help.

Fill in the online enquiry form or give us a call if you want to avail of a no-obligation chat about what you hope to achieve on your property. We look forward to discussing future possibilities with you soon.

How We Approach Our BlueScope Steel Sheds

BlueScope steel shed is the ideal choice for those that want a tried and tested product that is built to last and tested against the extremes of the Australian climate. Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, you can not only avail of these exceptional products but also gain the benefit of a turnkey solution that can streamline the entire process of building without compromising on quality.

We encourage those in regional Victoria to drop into any of our offices, or call or send us an email for a free quote. From there, we can work side-by-side with you to create a building that will stand the test of time and give you a great return on your investment.

Outdoor Steel Solutions provides skillion sheds & garages & carports for sale across regional Victoria. We offer a variety of products that we are able to plan, design and construct to fit your needs. Browse our website further or request a quote to learn more about what we can do for you.

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