Steel Sheds And Garages

Steel sheds and garages will never go out of fashion. There is a reason why homeowners across Victoria continually turn toward them to enhance their homes, and that typically boils down to the multi-functionality they bring to the property. In any home there are assigned rooms for sleeping, cooking and relaxing in, but there are few rooms ever assigned to cater specifically for storage since there are so many more things space could be used for. Every home is different and will have different storage needs, and so having that extra space adjacent to the living quarters always comes in useful.

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, we bring two specialities together, which are shed retail and project management. This marks us out as completely different from all other shed suppliers because while the rest can only offer you the products for sale, we can take control of the entire build and project for you, and ensure that it is completed to a very high standard and meets the various planning and constructions requirements expected. Read More

Double Garage Sheds

Our approach is simple, we offer fixed price contracts that ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about unexpected costs popping up further down the road, we directly employ registered domestic and commercial builders, and we make sheds, garages, carports and everything in-between using 100% Australian made BlueScope steel.

We have been building steel sheds & garages for homes all around regional Victoria, building in areas such as Ballarat and Sunbury. Our experience has helped us guide homeowners in choosing the right shed for their needs, and we know what shed or garage would be right for you.

Why Use Steel For A Double Garage Shed

Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, we have spoken with plenty of customers that like the wood finish and the look that it brings, however, we are quick to remind them of the many ways that steel is a much smarter choice for their home. These include:

1) Steel does not rot, which is a major problem faced by those that install timber sheds at their home. While steel will last for years, the reality for those with timber sheds is that they will face many more repairs and may even have to replace the construct completely.

2) With Outdoor Steel Solutions, when you choose to install a steel garage or shed, a concrete floor is put in place, which saves you from having to go to the extra hassle and expense of completing this work yourself, which is necessary for those that choose timber.

3) When you have steel in place, you don’t need to worry about it ever becoming infested by termites or any other bugs or critters that could compromise the integrity of your shed.

4) At Outdoor Steel Solutions, our BlueScope steel products offer warranties of up to 36 years, which affords you an immense amount of peace of mind, which simply cannot be rivalled by a timber alternative.

5) Regardless of whether you want a carport or a double garage shed, there is a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs possible when you choose steel.

Steel Sheds and Garages Guaranteed to be Right for Your Site

While many homeowners love the process of creating a new structure on their property and that enjoy getting stuck into the details, there are just as many who loathe the process and have reservations about whether they are getting the right steel sheds and garages.

This worry is common to all industries when limit knowledge is available first-hand and experiences are non-existent. Depending on word-of-mouth with regards to dealers and suppliers is fine, but an accreditation scheme exists in Australia today that affords peace of mind to all buyers.

ShedSafe is the scheme that the Australian Steel Institute designed and implemented to give buyers peace of mind and assure them that they are making an informed decision. Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, all our Ranbuild sheds are built ShedSafe. As such, our customers immediately recognise that we are a trustworthy dealer that is in full compliance with the prevailing standards and requirements necessary to achieve accreditation on this scheme.

With a ShedSafe accreditation in place, you are guaranteed that an independent third party structural engineer has reviewed us. This engineer will have reviewed plans and structural calculations and carried out a design check and documentation review process to ensure that we are in full compliance with the criteria in place.

As a buyer, this accreditation is also a guarantee that we have recommended garage sheds for sale that are suitable for the use that you intend your new structure for, as well as the location that you intend to build it on. This negates any doubts as to whether you have been sold a building that is inappropriate for your site.

What Makes Ranbuild Sheds Better?

While the presence of ShedSafe accreditation immediately makes Ranbuild sheds attractive to customers, there are many other reasons why customers choose this brand over others. The projects that we have been involved with here at Outdoor Steel Solutions achieve high standards in terms of quality, reliability and longevity, but there are many more aspects to applaud.

You know that you are getting authentic Australian BlueScope or Colorbond steel when you choose Ranbuild sheds since each component used bears a laser engraving. Customers appreciate the transparency this affords them and adds a little extra peace of mind that their investment is in quality materials that will stand the test of time.

The problem with other materials that do not have such identifying marks is that it is difficult to determine where they came from. Steel and other materials are imported into Australia every year, which can often be of vastly inferior quality. Customers may be attracted by the relatively cheap price tags, but the investment that initially saves them a few dollars ultimately proves much more costly when issues regarding corrosion and damage appear within a few short years.

Ranbuild recognises the harsh conditions that their products are likely to face and so sustained testing is carried out before new products are released. This dedication to quality and reliability is one of the key reasons that the brand is still the benchmark for steel solutions in Australia.

3D Tools for You To Create and Customise Garage Sheds

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, we believe that anyone who plans to install a double garage shed or steel shed on their property should download the Ranbuild Shed Builder app. This 3D tool will realise your customised design, which can then be shared with our team for a free quote.

Rest assured, our commitment to delivering the best outcomes for our customers is matched only by the quality of the materials, brands and solutions that we will use. So, plan and move forward with confidence that our team has your best interests in mind.

Why Come To Us For Steel Garages & Sheds?

Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, we want you to be able to access the best products and the most convenient route to completing the building of your shed or garage. We will look after all the permits, we will order all materials, we will look after the concreting and construction, and if you are in need of financing, we can look after that too.

So, when you are seeking out garage sheds for sale choose the one-stop shop with a difference right here at Outdoor Steel Solutions. Drop in, call or email today and our free quote will be the first step toward a speedy steel build that will do wonders for your property.

Outdoor Steel Solutions provides farm sheds & carports for sale across regional Victoria. We offer a variety of products that we are able to plan, design and construct to fit your needs. Browse our website further or request a quote to learn more about what we can do for you.

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