Skillion Sheds & Garages

Ranbuild’s Skillion or mono slope buildings have flat angled roofs giving your new shed or garage a modern look that fits with the latest housing options.

Suitable for most residential garages and carports, farm or storage sheds and light industrial buildings, the flat design and steep pitch allow water to easily run off, which makes them excellent for high rain regions.

Skillion Roof Sheds

Skillion roofs can be single level or split (double skillion) and these roof types are often used for annex or awning extensions.
With your choice of COLORBOND® cladding and roof configuration, the ability to mix and match vertical or horizontal cladding profiles that provide a unique architectural feature in modern settings.

If you’re looking for one of the best skillion sheds and garages in Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton or Kilmore in regional Victoria, drop into one of our offices or request a quote online. Read More

Skillion Roof Shed Solutions in Victoria

There has never been more choice for those that wish to build in terms of the design possibilities than now. With countless shows on the TV bringing the latest and greatest feats of the imagination to bear on an almost weekly basis, Australian home and property owners are looking toward new ways add dimensions to their home that bring style and incredible functionality that the old-fashioned designs never could.

Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, the skillion roof shed has become a very popular choice for those that want to achieve an eye-catching look that is also fit for purpose and compliments the surrounding buildings. Fortunately for those that believe such a build will prove a complicated endeavour, our team combines the best of steel shed retail with exceptional project management services to relieve our customers of the bureaucracy, paperwork, coordination and construction required to make such dreams a reality.

Our experience in building sheds across Victoria helps us know what shed is going to be the right fit for your needs. We have talked with shed suppliers & shed manufacturers for years, and helped many homeowners construct the shed they’ve always wanted. We bring that experience to you, ensuring you will get the best help for finding a shed that fits your needs.

Advantages Associated with Skillion Roof Sheds

While skillion roof shed bring a sense of drama to your property, they also offer a lot more benefits that can not only save you money but give you a sense that you are doing your bit for the environment, too.

The shape of the roof is ideal for those that are eco-friendly minded and want to generate their own power, as opposed to using traditional energy sources. Solar panels require as much exposure to the sun as possible, which is achieved by the steep pitch of a skillion roof. Naturally, in Victoria, we see quite a bit of sun, so this makes for an ideal solution that will help reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home running all in one.

Given the popularity of the skillion roof in recent years across Australia, it makes sense that those opting for a build that includes this feature will inevitably end up with a property that has a much greater curb appeal and therefore can expect the value of their home to increase. As such, investing now could be a smart decision for those that are planning to upgrade their home, or move elsewhere in years to come.

Here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, one of the things that we love most about the skillion roof shape is that it enables our customers to achieve maximum natural light in their home. A traditional roof and windows will only allow in so much light, but with this alternative and considered design when installing skylights, it is also possible to protect the interior from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Talk To Us About Building Your Skillion Roof Shed Today

Sometimes the prospect of having to engage the local councils or contractors can be enough to put people off or cause them to push the build to another year when they have more time on their hands. However, if you find yourself nodding along and have experience of this, then here at Outdoor Steel Solutions, we are the team to make your wish for a simpler solution come true.

There is a reason we are known as a turnkey solution and with our fixed price contracts, and guarantee that we only use registered domestic and commercial builders, you can rest assured that we can do more for you than any other competitor.

A skillion shed can add so much value to your home and create the perfect space for storage, hobbies or entertaining, depending on what you want to achieve. So, to find out what our team could do for you, get in touch with us here at Outdoor Steel Solutions today.

Outdoor Steel Solutions provides rainbuild sheds & carports for sale across regional Victoria. We offer a variety of products that we are able to plan, design and construct to fit your needs. Browse our website further or request a quote to learn more about what we can do for you.

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  • Dover White™
  • Surmist®
  • Evening Haze®
  • Classic Cream™
  • Paperbark®
  • Dune®
  • Southerly®
  • Shale Grey™
  • Bluegum®
  • Windspray®
  • Gully®
  • Jasper®
  • Wallaby®
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  • Monument®
  • Night Sky®
  • Ironstone®
  • Deep Ocean®
  • Cottage Green®
  • Pale Eucalypt®
  • Manor Red®


  • Surfmist®
  • Dune®
  • Shale Grey™
  • Bluegum®
  • Basalt®
  • Monument®

Customise your shed

domestic and industrial roller doors

Domestic & Industrial Roller Doors

Ranbuild have a range of roller doors to suit all applications from domestic roller doors to industrial roller doors, cyclonic and wind-locked roller doors. We have a large range of roller door electric openers to suit all types of doors, domestic or industrial. Ember Seals are a great addition to any roller door to keep any unwanted dust away.

personal access doors

Personal Access Doors

Our wide range of PA doors includes, in or out swinging steel doors, timber doors, cyclonic rated doors, fire rated doors, double width doors, commercial doors & disabled access doors.

steel sliding doors

Steel Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors can be added to a number of our buildings including our domestic, light industrial and commercial ranges. Featuring bottom running rollers for the commercial buildings these doors are made to last with trouble free maintenance.

cyclonic rated doors

Cyclonic Rated Doors

Our range of cyclonic rated doors are made to withstand the toughest of conditions and give added security and protection during harsh cyclonic conditions. All our cyclonic doors meet the new Australian Standards which are a requirement in any cyclonic building.

fire rated doors

Fire Rated Doors

We offer a large range of fire rated access doors to meet the strictest requirements providing added protection from burning embers. With more people wanting to build amongst the trees, Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL Ratings) are becoming more of a requirement.


Glass Sliding Windows

A wide range of sliding windows can be fitted. All windows are fully aluminium framed, and can be colour matched to your building. Almost any size window can be placed in any of your walls, or use multiple window placements to let in more natural light.

domestic and industrial roller doors

Cyclonic Rated Windows

Our range of cyclonic glass sliding windows are made to withstand the toughest of conditions and give added security and protection during harsh cyclonic conditions.

fire rated windows

Fire Rated Windows

With more people wanting to build amongst the trees, Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL Ratings) are becoming more of a requirement. Our fire rated windows certainly live up to the requirements providing security from burning embers.

wall vents

Wall Vents

Looking for extra ventilation in your new shed? Then look no further than the quality Larnec wall vents designed for cross flow ventilation. Made from quality materials you can be rest assured that the vents will complement your new addition.



Skylights allow natural ambient natural light into your shed. Our tough, high impact resistant polycarbonate skylights come in a range of colours and diffusion’s will filter light and reduce heat loads giving a more comfortable working environment.



Wind-driven roof ventilators create a pleasant and healthier working environment and are a must have for any high fume environments. The ventilators we recommend have a self-lubricating steel bearing system for silent operation that is essentially maintenance free. They have high volume extraction rates, leak proof flashings, are able to withstand high wind loads and can be colour matched to your COLORBOND® steel roof.

roof extensions

Roof Extensions

Roof extensions, also know as garaports are a continuation of the main roof line, just without the side or end wall. Added good looks and gable infills can be added to enhance the look of your new shed while providing additional covered roof space for the outdoor workshop.

wall and roof insulation

Wall & Roof Insulation

Keep your cool with Australia’s leading shed insulation. Manufactured with a patented closed-cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective anti-tear foil surfaces, our insulation has been designed specifically for shed applications, is fiber-free and non-allergenic.

alternative hold down options

Alternative Hold Down Options

Ranbuild offer a range of alternate hold down options, including our cast in base straps, cast in columns, alternate chemset hold downs or J bolts for our larger industrial and commercial building range.

mezzanine floors

Mezzanine Floors

Add a mezzanine floor for that additional storage, room or workspace. With engineered floor loads from 1.5kPa to 5kPa you’re sure to find a floor suited for your application.

internal partition walls

Internal Partition Walls

Internal walls can be useful dividers for rooms, workshop bays, mini storage units and the like. Walls can be clad in COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® finishes and are quick and simple to add to any design.

curtain walls

Curtain Walls

Use curtain walls to give your COLA added protection from driving rain and the elements. Curtain walls not only look great but offer shelter without having to full enclose your building.

awnings and annexes

Awnings & Annexes

Expand your covered and useable floor space with an awning or annex attached to your main shed. Fully or partially enclosed they are the perfect space to store your boat, car, trailer or caravan. An efficient way to add even more value to your building assets.

multiple size bay options

Multiple Size Bay Options

Bay sizes can be customised and adjusted to the millimeter. Different size bays can also be utilised within the length of your new shed. Ask your local dealer to adjust yours today!

metal roof


COLORBOND® steel – it’s been tested to withstand everything from drenching downpours to scorching sun for over 45 years in some of Australia’s most extreme conditions. The oven baked finish of COLORBOND® steel resists flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.

colorbond accessories

COLORBOND® Accessories

With 22 inspired colour choices ranging from traditional to contemporary, COLORBOND® steel flashings and accessories provide the ideal palette from which to create the desired look and feel for your new shed and home.

horizontal colorbond cladding

Horizontal COLORBOND® Cladding

For a modern and sleek new look why not consider cladding your new shed in horizontal CUSTOM ORB® cladding? Not only does it look fantastic but you’ll be the envy of your neighbours too!