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There is one thing that thousands of Australians share and are frustrated by every year and that’s the effect that the weather has on their cars and vehicles. Every year, thousands of people are quoted trade-in prices or low-ball prices from speculative buyers when they want to switch or just sell up. The solution to this problem requires a little bit of space, but if you have it then a simple investment in a carport shed at your Kilmore property could help you to limit the level of depreciation that you see on your investment every year. Read More

Carports Kilmore

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, we are the people that countless car owners turn to every year in Victoria when they need an appropriate steel structure installed. There are some people who simply want a basic shed, no frills, no tweaks to the design or anything, and there are others who prefer to customised the installation so that it makes the best use of their space and achieves everything that they want it to.

The process starts and ends with you, as far as we are concerned. We believe that once you know what you want the steel sheds & garages for, whether it’s a single car, multiple vehicles or for some other purpose then that’s a good place to start. Things are even easier if you have a budget in mind that you really must stick to. We can work with you to create a smart design that delivers everything you need – all we need is your guidance.

The Environment & Steel Carports

If you have just invested in your dream car, or have swapped your twenty-something dream car for a smarter, family-friendly option that you hope will last many years, then it’s important to take additional measures to protect it from the suns rays.

Carports in Kilmore are popular because more people are recognising that even if the exterior of the car is looked after and waxed and hand dried regularly, the interior can suffer just as much from exposure to UV rays. You could bring your vehicle to any auto trader and believe that you know what you will get for it, but the interior could prove a determining factor in whether this become reality or not.

What’s more, who wants to open their car door when they have somewhere to go on a hot day and sit on scorching hot leather or fabrics that are made incredibly uncomfortable from the heat? Having a carport allows you to shelter your vehicle and sit into it without having to start it up minutes beforehand to let the air conditioning do its job.

While the sun is the culprit that most people will think of as an environmental cause of damage to their vehicles, let’s not forget birds. Their caustic droppings have wrecked the paintwork on more cars than you can imagine. Furthermore, if you live in an area that is populated with trees and shrubbery, you also face the possibility of falling debris scratching or denting the body of the car.

We Specialise in Carports for Kilmore Residents

At Outdoor Steel Solutions, our carpots in Kilmore are popular, long-lasting solution that will protect their vehicles for years. We offer a complete package to those that want to remove the stress and planning elements from the process.

We are both shed retailers and project managers, so if you don’t fancy applying for permits, organising the trades, scheduling and ensuring that everything is compliant, get in touch with us and we’ll alleviate that burden. Call today to organise a quote or you can also view a range of carports at Ballarat, Bendigo, Sunbury & Shepparton stores in Victoria.

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