Construction Crew Member – Benefits and Wage Test

Working with Outdoor Steel Solutions

Looking for stable full-time employment that offers variety and flexibility? We are a 17-year-old family business with more than 40 employees (Including 17 full-time construction team members). Here at OSS, we value our team and continue cultivating a workplace that is engaged, supportive, and flexible.

Benefits Include:

  • Consistent Full-Time Work
  • Overtime
  • Paid both ways for travel
  • Tool Allowances
  • Tool Loan's
  • Team Leader - Work Vehicle
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Superannuation

Construction Crew Member Wage Test

Want to know what you could be earning with a rewarding career at Outdoor Steel Solutions? Test your wage as a Construction Crew member and learn more about our long list of benefits:

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