Ranbuild Builders Spotlight July

Crystal Sutherland

What do you do?

Shed installer for Outdoor Steel Solutions VIC.

What’s that in layman’s terms?

I work on a team of two and install the sheds for customers of Outdoor Steel Solutions.

What got you into the industry? Why this industry?

I’ve always loved doing things with my hands, building, working on cars. I recently finished building my house, with a large deck, dog kennels and dog runs, which was a fantastic and rewarding experience.

How many years have you been operating in this field?

March 2019

What is the biggest challenge in this industry?

Customers sometimes get a bit funny, but when you get in there and do the work well, it goes away. I work in one of seven install teams of two people, if it’s a big job we can move around to help other teams get the project finished on time.

What would you say to other females trying to break into the industry?

Stay positive. Don’t let other people’s perception dictate what you can do or get in the way of what a great job that you do.