Staff Spotlight December


We put our staff on the spot to answer 20 burning questions so you can learn more about our shed experts.

  1. What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Being a father is by far my proudest accomplishment. Yes, even roaches breed, but there’s a special feeling I get whenever I see my son.
  2. What motivates you to work hard?
    The fear of letting people down. If someone entrusts me to do something for them, I take responsibility and will work hard to not fail.
  3. If you could travel back in time, what year would you travel to?
    I have no idea. I’d love to go back and see real dinosaurs, that would be pretty cool (unless they eat me).
  4. What was your first job?
    I was a checkout chick at Kmart.
  5. What is your favourite family holiday tradition?
    I don’t have traditions in my family. My own personal tradition is to eat as much pudding and custard as I can without throwing up.
  6. What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
    A whole fish on a stick, or many octopuses on a stick.
  7. What are you currently watching on Netflix/Stan/Disney+?
    Hawkeye, I can’t miss anything Marvel.
  8. What was your favourite childhood cartoon?
    The Simpsons influenced my life in such important ways.
  9. What’s the best vacation you have ever taken?
    What are these ‘vacations’ I hear so much about?
  10. If you could learn any new skill, what would it be?
    Computer coding, I think it would be helpful in the next 40 years.
  11. If you could visit anywhere in the world, you’ve never been to, where would you go?
    Florence, Italy to see the city that was named after me.
  12. What are your hobbies?
    Watching TV/Films, watching sport and playing video games.
  13. What is your favourite movie?
    The Star Wars saga, inclusive of all movies and shows.
  14. How have you spent the Covid-19 lockdowns? Have you been lazy or productive?
    I’ve been me. It really hasn’t had much of an effect on my life being that I’m such a hermit anyway.
  15. What was your dream job as a child?
    To make videogames as a living.
  16. Which four individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
    I would have to put in a lot of thought to answer this question properly.
  17. What’s your favourite board game and/or videogame?
    Mario Kart 64. I couldn’t even estimate the number of hours I have sunk into this game.
  18. What is the best concert you’ve been to?
    I haven’t been to any concerts.
  19. What is your favourite takeout?
    I think I’d have to say Schnitz. The OMG wrap just hits different.
  20. What would you do if you won the lottery?
    Stop working, volunteer, help others etc. I think my passion is helping those who need help, I just don’t have the resources or motivation.